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  1. Cuprodolomite- Wyoming: generally a tan stone with green and azure blue webbing and blotching.  14¢/gram, 42¢/gram, 50¢/gram
  2. Stalactite Agate- Wyoming:  small slabs containing bubbly, lacy designs in cream, tan, and red.  33¢/gram
  3. Sodalite- Africa and Canada:  slabs of deep blue.  “A” grade much like lapis, “B” grade paler blue with more white.  All 10¢/gram 
  4. Prairie Agate- Nebraska and Wyoming:  these slabs are in red or white, gray and dark gray, which is very nice in tiny orbs, curlicues, and lacy waves. 5¢/gram
  5. Jaspalite- Africa: opaque banded material, rich in hematite, in shades of black, maroon, and white. 5¢/gram
  6. Fluorite-Colorado:  this is beautiful translucent to transparent emerald green and amethyst purple with some bands of beige.  “A” 12¢/gram  “B” 5¢/gram 
  7. Unakite–Rhodesia and Colorado: Red, green and white mottled.  8¢/gram  
  8. Polka Dot Agate-Oregon:  spots and streamers of yellow, red, and brown on a white background.  Quite striking, high contrast patterns.  16¢/gram
  9. Pink and Green Moss Agate-India:  good, solid material which takes a superior polish.  Translucent with pink and green moss.  6¢/gram
  10. Purple Swirl Agate-Durango, Mexico:  nice purple, white, beige, orange, blue, red and beige designs.  25¢/gram
  11. Peristerite-Canada:  pale, whitish pink feldspar which flashes an electric blue labradorescence.  8¢/gram
  12. Hurricane Jasper-Idaho: swirling grayish green, like a wild ocean.  18¢/gram
  13. Emerald Snowflake Jade-Wyoming: Great green!  45¢/gram
  14. Sugilite:  vivid purple.  Very striking material.  $2.50, $2.00, $1.20, and 50¢/gram
  15. Black Jade-Red Desert, Wyoming:  Great polish.  $8.50/oz. and $4.00/oz.
  16. Jade-Wyoming:  various grades, including apple-green.  Various prices.
  17. Condor Agate-Patagonia:  25¢/gram
  18. Petrified Wood-Oregon:  rich sienna and chocolate patterns.  Pale Green 5¢/gram, Medium Green 12¢/gram
  19. Aventurine-India:  green quartzite with mica sparkles.  6¢/gram
  20. Luna Agate (Genuine)-Chihuahua, Mexico:  lovely amethyst radiating around white spots that sometimes resemble the moon’s craters.  50¢/gram
  21. Luna Agate (Genuine)-Chihuahua, Mexico:  overflow
  22. Royal Aztec Agate (Rodeo Purple)-Durango, Mexico:  lacy pastel purple, lilac, and lavender patterns.  50¢/gram
  23. Rice Copper Jasper-Mexico:  5¢, 10¢, and 15¢/gram
  24. Christmas Flame Agate-Chihuahua, Mexico:  red, black, and green in translucent agate.  20¢/gram
  25. Needles Blue Agate (Gem Silica): $3.50/gram and $2.50/gram
  26. Morrisonite-Oregon or Idaho:  colorful jasper that takes an excellent polish - hard to come by. Some pieces are orange, some green, some red, or yellow, and some pieces have all these colors together!  (I’ve got the 1953 bill for when this material last changed hands-this is very early Morrisonite!)  “A” 35¢/gram  “B” 14¢/gram
  27. Tigeriron-Australia:  thin bands of tigereye, hematite, and red jasper all swirled together.  6¢/gram
  28. Chevron Amethyst-Africa:  pieces banded with white and purple in chevrons.  Makes beautiful cabs.   1. Slabs  35¢/gram    2. Rough 20¢/gram
  29. Linda Marie Plume Agate-Idaho: 25¢/gram and 35¢/gram   New Mexico Moss Agate:  5¢/gram (SOLD OUT)
  30. Noviculite-Colorado: dark red jasper with lacy patterns  5¢/gram
  31. Medicine Bow Plume Agate-Wyoming:  mostly white agate with outstanding dendrites.  Many pieces are brightly fluorescent, showing green and orange and sometimes purple.  “A” 20¢/gram
  32. Wild Horse Picture Jasper-Idaho  18¢/gram
  33. Bruneau Jasper-Idaho:  medium and light taffy brown.  Takes nice polish.  “A” 28¢/gram  “B”  14¢/gram
  34. Onyx-various locations:  lots of variety as this material is from many locales.  Plenty of banding in straight and wavy; warm and light earth colors.  5¢/gram
  35. Dendritic Opal-Arapahoe, Nebraska:  solid material leaning toward brownish maroon.  Scattered with tree formations.  5¢/gram
  36. Sunstone (Aventurine Feldspar)-India:  translucent with bright, shimmering coppery spangles.  25¢/gram
  37. Wind River Moss Agate-Wyoming: fascinating.  Very clear agate holding green moss, each tendril being coated with white.  20¢/gram
  38. Variscite-Fairfield, Utah:  $2.50/gram WEBSITE ONLY                                                                                                                    Cady Mountain California Agate: various types. 18¢/gram RARE
  39. Scenic Wood, Arizona:  30¢/gram
  40. Serpentine-various locations:  varying grades and types of serpentine, including Ricolite from New Mexico, and the very rare yellow-green Wyoming Retinolite, also known as precious serpentine.      Serpentine  5¢/gram         Ricolite:       Retinolite:  14¢/gram
  41. Wildcat Agate-Oregon:  somewhat like thunderegg slabs.  Some pieces look like scenes of a swift-flowing river.  5¢/gram
  42. Graveyard Point Plume Agate-and White Plume Agate-Idaho:  10¢/gram & 18¢/gram (Better Quality).  Includes Regency Rose Plume Agate:  $1.00/gram
  43. Iris Agate-various locations:  this rare agate is sliced in 1/8” slabs which, when polished or coated with oil and held up to a lamp, will split the light into its rainbow colors.  $1.00/gram UNAVAILABLE
  44. Mariposite-California:  White material streaked with green.  Some resembles jade with pyrite speckles.  5¢/gram
  45. Variscite (cabochon grade)-Fairfield and Lucin, Utah:  many shades of green, and much spider webbing.  Very Stunning!  $1.50/gram
  46. Succor Creek Jasper, Wild Horse Jasper, and Windy Ridge Jasper:  All landscape jaspers.  6¢/gram
  47. Agatized Chrysocolla-Arizona:  sky and turquoise-blue veins and veils running through clear chalcedony, with occasional malachite inclusions.  Impressive.  Some slabs are almost all malachite in agate, but we sell these at the same price as the rest, so please specify. 35¢/gram
  48. Montana Agate:  clear chalcedony with black dendrites and, sometimes, orange patches.   Good, hard agate that will polish beautifully.  15¢/gram
  49. Shattuckite and Ajoite-Nevada:  Very rare.  Shattuckite is lapis-blue, some solid, others with blue spider webs, and others with green Ajoite.  The price ranges from $2.00/gram to 10¢/gram, depending on quality.
  50. Parral Dendritic Agate (Merlinite)-Chihuahua, Mexico:  sometimes scenic, black agate with black dendrites (tree-like formations).  10¢/gram
  51. Columbia River Limb Sections-Oregon:  somewhat lighter colors than the Eden Valley Wood.  Beautiful!  10¢/gram
  52. Laguna Agate-Mexico:  in the early days, this was called the Cadillac of agates.  Lovely translucent fortification agate.  “A” 60¢/gram  “B” 25¢/gram
  53. Coyamito Agate-Mexico:  a bit like the Laguna, but perhaps a little more appealing, since the designs tend to be more bizarre, sometimes including tubes agate and pseudomorphs of crystals.  “A” 60¢/gram  “B” 25¢/gram
  54. Apache Agate-Mexico:  possibly one of the finest of the Mexican agates.  Clear and purple agate with bright red and vivid orange veils and fringes.  “A”70¢/gram  “B” 35¢/gram UNAVAILABLE
  55. Parcelas Agate-Mexico:  fortification agate whose colors are quite constantly purple, white, gray, and black, and black.  Also called Carmen Agate.  “A” 30¢/gram  “B” 20¢/gram
  56. Loma Pinta Agate-Mexico:  shows less weathering than other Mexican agates, because it has been mined in situ.  The designs show a fairly tight banding with a smoother, more rounded look.  Colors are pink, white, yellow, blue, red, and brown, with some suspended agate patterns.  “A” 25¢/gram  “B” 12¢/gram
  57. Moctezuma Agate-Mexico:  lighter warm colors.  Clear, white, yellow, and pink.  “A” 20¢/gram  “B” 10¢/gram
  58. Parral Dendritic Agate (known lately as Merlinite)-Chihuahua, Mexico: $18.00/lb.
  59. Moonstone-India:  pink, green, gray, and white.  50¢/gram
  60. Snow Ball Agate-Mexico:  nodules slabs averaging 2-2 ½ “ across, with colors of pale violet, blue, white, pink, brown, and red fortifications.  Pale amethyst, sagenite, you name it!  20¢/gram 
  61. Labradorite-Canada:  fascinating in its play of colors.  Resembles the iridescence on the wings of some Brazilian butterflies.  Proper term is “labradorescence”.  This comes in blue, green, mauve, gold, and copper colors.  Brilliant flashes!  30¢/gram
  62. Plume Agate-Wyoming:  Brick red and black.  Mostly opaque.  5¢/gram
  63. Dyed Agate Slabs-various locations:  bright pink, deep blue, and caramel brown.  Analine and German dyed.  6¢/gram
  64. Potato Nodules-Weiser, Idaho: slabs mostly leaf shaped with some quartz centers.  They are white to gray translucent banded agate with dark green moss inclusions on one side, predominantly.  5¢/gram
  65. Cacoxenite-Brazil:  amethyst and citrine quartz with shimmering golden tufts enclosed.  Absolutely stunning!  30¢/gram
  66. Peacock Obsidian-Mexico:  primo quality.  Iridescent multicolored sheen on jet black.  Dazzling!  20¢/gram
  67. Stone Canyon Brecciated Jasper-California:  yellow, black, and reddish fragments bound together in bluish-gray agate.  10¢/gram
  68. Rutilated Quartz-Brazil:  clear quartz with golden rutile needles enclosed. Various prices/gram. 
  69. Black Vein Agate-Mexico:  banded gray, white, black, and cream with some plumes.  Lovely!  10¢/gram
  70. Chrome Chalcedony-Africa:  pastel grass green, some fractures.  15¢/gram
  71. Snowflake and Flowering Obsidian-Oregon:  puffy white snowflakes and flowers on jet black.  5¢/gram
  72. Cathedral Agate-Mexico:  lovely purple agate with golden and red moss.  12¢/gram
  73. Amethyst (cab quality)-Brazil:  15¢/gram  Amethyst-Four Peaks, Arizona:  $10.00/oz
  74. Feather Ridge Plume Agate-Idaho: 40¢/gram - also Deschutes Jasper
  75. Siberian Jade:  $2.00/gram
  76. Chiastolite Crystals and Crystal Pieces-Fresno, California:  sometimes called Cross Stone, but this name usually applies to Staurolite.  The crystals look like short cigars, and when cut in cross section, show a cross pattern which changes as the crystal is sliced.  Tan and black.  25¢/gram
  77. Amazonite-Amelia Courthouse, Virginia:  blue to blue-green feldspar of exceptional quality.  Very close to turquoise colors.  Small pieces.  10¢/gram
  78. Laredo and Brown Moss Agate:  moss in browns, beiges, and reds in white and translucent agate.  5¢/gram
  79. Rhodonite with Epidote-Colorado:  incredible combinations of pink, green, and black in some slabs.  7¢/gram
  80. Rhodonite-Rosemond, California:  lovely pink with black dendrites.  10¢/gram
  81. Green Moss Agate-India:  rich green moss in clear or translucent agate.  10¢/gram
  82. Realgar in Agate-Eugene, Oregon:  Realgar needles scattered through a fantastic world of agate protrusions.  60¢/gram  RARE
  83. Carnelian Agate-India:  orange to red translucent agate.  7¢/gram
  84. Parana Agate-Brazil:  12¢/gram
  85. Willow Creek Jasper-Idaho:  30¢/gram
  86. Petrified Palm Wood-Texas and other locations:  creamy tan with small dots throughout.  6¢/gram
  87. Chrysoprase-Australia:  green translucent chalcedony.  40¢/gram
  88. Bloodstone-India:  dark green jasper with scarlet spots.  20¢/gram
  89. Bird of Paradise Agate-Mexico:  solid maroon and gold material.  7¢/gram
  90. Jet-Whitby, England and Mexico:  excellent for carving, backing opal, or cabbing.  Small pieces.  $1.00/gram
  91. Horse Canyon Agate-Tehachapi, California:  14¢/gram RARE
  92. Petrified Algae-Wyoming:  bubbly fluted patterns in beige and brown.  6¢/gram
  93. Jasper-Fort Morgan, Colorado and Cave Creek, California:  bright, speckled, leaf-red jasper.  5¢/gram
  94. Santa Gertrudas Moss Agate-Chihuahua, Mexico:  dense moss agate featuring forest green, red, and yellow moss.  7¢/gram
  95. Cisco Agate-Utah:  these opaque nodules are really different.  Features red-orange, pink, taffy brown, light gray, and bone white.  Some are mossy, others have red streamers, and others look like clouds.  5¢/gram
  96. Idaho Dendrites:  beautiful stone.  Clear chalcedony with jet-black dendrites or black rounded forms that sometimes look like schools of fish.  Good, solid, high-quality agate.  10¢/gram
  97. Ojo Azul Agate-Mexico:  beautiful, reddish-purple agate.  Vein material, and therefore good for smaller cabs.  In all my sources of info on agates, I have never heard of this stone.  Very rare.  50¢/gram
  98. Nevada Opal:  translucent opal in white and tan, with black lines and dendrites.  8¢/gram
  99. Apache Sage Rhyolite-Deming, New Mexico:  25¢/gram
  100. Vesuvianite, California: Beautiful green.  Known in the past as Happy Camp Jade and Californite.  Proper name: Idocrase.  40¢/gram
  101. Moss Agate-Mexico:  high quality, colorful moss agate.  Some slabs are beige and peach, others a true red.  The rest vary between white, red, black, brown, and maroon.  7¢/gram
  102. Crater Lake Flower Jasper-Oregon:  looser patterned material.  Orange and green jasper patterns.  Very nice, solid material.  This was collected in the area before it became a national park.  Collecting has shut down.  8¢/gram
  103. Rhodonite-West Virginia:  exceptionally scenic rhodonite with bare, black trees and horizons, with skies of pink and yellow-rather like a fall sunset.  8¢/gram
  104. Rhodonite-Australia:  mostly very deep rose-pink material with some black.  10¢/gram
  105. Ochoco Jasper-Oregon:  very consistent solid jasper which sometimes grades into moss agate.  The colors are leathery brown, dark green, dark and medium red, and beige.  The designs are very swirly.  5¢/gram
  106. Hampton Moss Agate-Oregon:  good quality agate with fine green, white, and purplish-brown moss, which is sometimes entirely purple.  6¢/gram
  107. Youngite-Wyoming:  this stuff is really a good grade!  Brown, yellow, and pink jasper held together with translucent chalcedony.  Fine druzy specimens available in the"Rough" section!  16¢/gram---Floral Pink Youngite-Wyoming: 20¢/gram
  108. Blue Lace Agate-Namibia:  beautiful fresh light blue wavy lacy bands of seam agate.  50¢/gram
  109. Amazonite-Africa:  soft blue-green feldspar. The best I’ve seen. 5¢/gram, 10¢/gram, and 30¢/gram
  110. Roostertail Agate-Durango, Mexico:  pale gray-blue to purple with broad sheets and veils of plumes (rose, red, pink, and gold).  10¢/gram
  111. Blue Aventurine-India:  blue quartz with mica sparkles.  10¢/gram
  112. Eden Valley Petrified Wood (limb sections)-Wyoming:  small 2-2½ “across slabs of limbs.  Full ringed patterns in rich wood colors.  7¢/gram
  113. Lapis Lazuli-Afghanistan:  bright blue in white with iron pyrite.  Makes nice cabs.  Great price.  50¢/gram
  114. Ocean Picture Rock-British Columbia:  top quality-very lovely seascapes in blue, blue-green, white, occasionally violet, gray, tan, and brown!  Takes a nice satin polish.  20¢/gram
  115. Plume Agate-Alpine, Texas: exceptional black, red and brown plumes in clear and yellow agate!  Famous, high-quality, small pieces.  50¢/gram
  116. Psilomelane (Merlinite) (“P” is silent)-Mexico:  also known as Crown of Silver.  Banded black and silver.  Silver looks and polishes like hematite (Alaskan Black Diamond).  The banding is like high-grade malachite.  We’ve had comments like “stunning” and “elegant”. 50¢/gram and $1.00/gram
  117. Old Time Sagenite-Nipomo, California:  rare, old, collectable sagenite. Yellow and brown radiating needles in clear and pale yellow agate.  Sometimes scenic, some holes.  40¢/gram
  118. Queenstone-Oregon:  just like Succor Creek Picture Jasper.  Scenes of plains, hills, deserts, and mountains.  Makes ya wanna ride the range!  12¢/gram
  119. Variscite-Utah:  some with black webbing, some emerald green, some Luna Moth green, all very nice.  $2.00/gram
  120. Variscite-Battle Mountain, Nevada:  50¢/gram
  121. Goldstone:  14¢/gram
  122. Ruby in Zoisite-Tanzania:  ruby spots in bright green zoisite.  Black inclusions in some slabs.  25¢/gram and $1.00/gram  
  123. Glendo Fortification Agate-Wyoming:  usually a maroon stone with some clear areas and beautiful little red fortifications running throughout.  10¢/gram
  124. Tiger's-eye-South Africa:  quite a variety from all red, all gold, or all blue, to many combinations of colors such as blonde with red veins, blue with red veins,  blue and yellow mingled to make green, or all colors in the same slab.  Great stuff!   Golden 7¢/gram   Red and Variegated 10¢/gram   Blue 15¢/gram
  125. Scarlet Jasper-Utah:  Brilliant orange-red jasper mingled with some yellow and brown, some with fortification patterns.  Some of the prettiest jasper I’ve seen.  8¢/gram
  126. Desert Glass:  pale purple antique glass bottle fragments, turned purple by exposure to the sun’s rays.  Even has some of the original desert still on it.  Not made any more.  $1.50/oz.
  127. Flame Agate-Mexico:  classic old flame agate with red and yellow flames licking up through clear chalcedony from off a yellow and green ground.  That’s the light flame agate.  The dark flame agate has red and black flames-used to be known as forest fire.  Fascinating!  15¢/gram
  128. Botswana Agate:  Banded gray, white, and sometimes pink agate.  8¢/gram
  129. Orbicular Jasper-Washington:  lots of red spots in hematite.  5¢/gram
  130. Antelope Oregon Moss Agate:  these are a number of types of moss agate.  I was very impressed.  Colors are in greens, browns, and beiges, red-browns, rose pinks, peaches, and reds.  I can’t say what colors you’ll get, but ask and I’ll sell it to you if I’ve still got it.  8¢/gram
  131. Candy Rock Rhyolite-Oregon: fascinating, intricate designs in bright red-brown, creams, and bright yellow.  14¢/gram
  132. Kansas Moss Agate: outstanding black dendrites in solid light beige or tan opal.  Lots of pictures.  Takes a good polish.  5¢/gram   
  133. Verdite-Africa:  softer stone.  Deep grass green with yellow streamers, and sometimes purple bands.  10¢/gram
  134. Brazilian Agate: a good old standby.  The lapidary’s friend.  Always takes a perfect polish.  7¢/gram
  135. Zebra Opal-India:  smooth, sweeping, gentle lines in beige, gray, black, and white.  10¢/gram
  136. Cinnabar Opal (Myrickite)-Nevada and Washington:  white, bone white, gray, and pale gray with such pretty pinks and reds in mists, veils, lines, streamers, speckles, blots, and mottles.  20¢/gram 
  137. Binghamite-Minnesota:  a quartz replacement of iron ore.  It has brown, gold, and red chatoyancy mingled with translucent white quartz and hematite.  Stunningly beautiful, it sometimes looks like brocaded silk.  Seems to take a good polish with diamond or linde A, but can be fragile.  32¢/gram
  138. Red-Gold Rutilated Quartz-Brazil (choice):  small pieces of clear quartz with fine needle-like crystals of rutile inside (inclusions).  The color of the rutile is a very coppery red-gold.  Some are slabs, and some are pieces about tumbling-size, but this is certainly better than tumbling quality.  We feel that some of these pieces would be lovely for small carvings.  The needles are very dense in some of these, and we think this material is just lovely.  $1.00/gram
  139. Lapis Lazuli-Afghanistan:  60¢/gram
  140. Dogtooth Lace Agate-Mexico:  starts at 7¢/gram
  141. Williamsite-Maryland:  gem serpentine rivaling some of the finest nephrite jade.  It is mostly a medium green (almost blue-green), very translucent, practically transparent with black chromite dots.  Can be faceted.  Very exciting material.  25¢/gram or $1.00/gram  TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
  142. Cactus Lace Agate-Mexico:  7¢/gram
  143. Calico Lace Agate-Mexico:  pinks, beiges, blue-grays, and grays, usually in high contrast banding.  12¢/gram
  144. Chatoyant Jade-Wyoming:  dark olive green with chatoyant bands (like tigereye) running throughout.  10¢/gram
  145. Phantom Jade-Wyoming:  slabs of gray-green with a white rind, showing phantoms of quartz crystals, and some places where the quartz is still in place.  Some can be cut for cat’s-eyes.  20¢/gram
  146. Carey Plume Agate-Oregon:  (extinct) 8¢/gram
  147. Sagenite Lace Agate-Mexico:  gray agate showing small sprays of needles.  starts at 7¢/gram
  148. Howardite-Nevada:  rare pink and yellowish combo of jasper, opal, and chalcedony with a straight lined pattern.  30¢/gram  RARE
  149. Stinking Water Plume Agate-Idaho:  10¢/gram & 18¢/gram (Better Quality)
  150. Tempskya-various locations:  petrified fern.  Filled with “melting” eyes in browns, white, and black.  20¢/gram
  151. Mount Airy Blue Chalcedony: 45¢/gram
  152. White Jadeite-Washington: rare, translucent.  $4.00/o
  153. Zebra Jasper-India:  close-grained gray jasper with dark and light stripes.  The patterns are very consistent, making it good for matched sets.  5¢/gram
  154. Cripple Creek Picture Jasper-Oregon:  broad rolling landscapes in tan and buff, with darker browns for outlines.  7¢/gram
  155. Biggs Jasper-Biggs Junction, Oregon:  dark brown. Close-knit outlines make for small or large scenic cabs.  Striking.  12¢/gram
  156. Regency Rose Plume Agate-Idaho:  18¢/gram
  157. Colorful Petrified Wood-Arizona:  this wood is so beautiful!  So beautiful that sometimes it doesn’t look like wood.  Gray and white base with flaming red (not brown), and yellow sizzling through it.  Vibrant melting, flaming patterns which remind me of lava flows.  Some fracturing.  20¢/gram
  158. Vacquilla Jasp/Agate-Mexico:  red and yellow jasper with lines and patches of blue agate running throughout.  10¢/gram
  159. Nipomo Marcasite in Agate-Nipomo, California:  classic material from a classic locale.  Metallic marcasite suspended in clear to carnelian agate.  Collector material.  25¢/gram
  160. Eye Agate-Guernsey, Wyoming:  boiling, bubbling fortifications, tubes, and eyes in white, cream, buff, and caramel.  Sometimes scenic with pale blue-gray on creamy hills.  With ethereal colors, this material is a delight.  5¢/gram
  161. Uruguay Agate:  some pieces have a gray and white pattern.  Others are white with creamy yellow.  Good, solid agate, very much like Brazilian.  6¢/gram
  162. Opalized Wood-Idaho and Washington:  with the wood, we only bother with a description if it’s of exceptional quality.  And so, we give this wood a place of its own, as we have with the Arizona wood.  Some resembles rolling plowed land in buff and beige, medium sandy brown, and near black.  Some is rich mahogany rose-red with creamy pink tendrils leading into it.  Some has a rosy-maroon look to it, and the patterning is exceptional.  10¢/gram
  163. Owyhee Jasper-Oregon:  Old, classic (extinct).  Attractive landscape jasper.  10¢/gram, 20¢/gram, and 35¢/gram
  164. Silver Sheen Obsidian-Siberia:  the best I’ve seen.  Rich, pinkish silver chatoyancy.  Glistens like seal skin.  This is an understatement, but that is as close as I can describe it.  *Tip:  if you are flat lapping obsidian, use 1000 grit before you polish.  7¢/gram
  165. Basonite-Oregon; Black Agate-India:  BLACK!  BLACK!  BLACK!  Good for cabs, inlay, triplet or doublet backing, etc., etc.  8¢/gram
  166. Morgan Hill Brecciated Jasper-California:  brecciated jasper in, red, black, and chocolate brown in combinations all bound together with a blue to pinkish-lavender agate.  10¢/gram
  167. Brecciated Jasper-Africa:  some slabs have reddish-black fragments, each outlined in bright orangey-pink and white.  These chunks are floating in a stew of tiny pink, white, and black bits.  Other slabs have brick red chunks wrapped in white lacy agate with yellow quartz between.  8¢/gram
  168. Sedimentary Agate-Hell’s Canyon, Wyoming:  beige and grayish-brown jasper with red and white fortifications like Fairburn or Dryhead Agates.  10¢/gram
  169. Dryhead Agate-Wyoming:  bright red, pink, and yellow fortification agate.  25¢/gram
  170. Confetti Agate-Mexico:  25¢/gram
  171. Vaquilla Agate and Jasp/Agate-Durango, Mexico: reminiscent of Rococo paintings.  Beautiful stuff!  10¢/gram
  172. Agate Pseudomorphs after barite-Colorado:  agate replacement of barite crystal clusters.  Some of these slabs look like a cross-section of an explosion.  From a red and orange fortification-patterned nucleus, there radiates outward a spray of red needles on a black or gray background.  10¢/gram
  173. Robinson Ranch Plume Agate (Crooked River Dendrites):  clear and translucent agate, sometimes tinged with orange, with small plumes in black, beige, pink, white, and red.  The clearest pieces will often have a spurt of salmon, orange, or red suspended in it like hot lava that just spat from a volcano.  I really like this stuff.  25¢/gram, 50¢/gram, $1.00/gram
  174. Gallegos Agate-Chihuahua, Mexico:  10¢/gram
  175. Orbicular Rhyolite-Queretara, Mexico:  at times, this material really looks intergalactic, with sprays of spherical formations throughout.  Its colors are tan, buff, pink, red, and a nice, clean regal gray.  A very light, lovely material.  12¢/gram
  176. Specimen Hill Dendritic and Eye Agate-Wyoming:  essentially a white tube agate with black dendrites within the tubes.  The agate fluoresces white and purple, while the dendrites fluoresce green.  15¢/gram
  177. Vaquilla Agate-Durango, Mexico:  reminiscent of Rococo paintings.  Beautiful stuff!  Overflow from #171  10¢/gram
  178. Plume Agate-Deming, New Mexico:  pink and gold plumes in a white lacy base.  7¢/gram
  179. Miscellaneous Agates and Jaspers-Wyoming:  Some beautiful materials too diverse to classify.  Well worth the price.  5¢/gram
  180. Moss Agate-Oregon, California, Nevada, and Idaho:  Exceptional stuff, varied and unusual.  5¢/gram
  181. Fancy Jasper-India:  good solid jasper, mostly pink and green.  Some just missed being bloodstone.  5¢/gram
  182. Yellow Dendritic Opal-California:  solid and hard without play-of-color.  Mossy brown and yellow with brown dendrites throughout. 6¢/gram
  183. Moss Agate-Nevada:  mossy gold and white filaments passing through clear agate.  Some tube agate characteristics.  5¢/gram
  184. Dendritic Agate-Glendo, Wyoming:  dense black dendrites in clear agate:  5¢/gram
  185. Lace Agate-Utah:  clear agate with red rags and streamers being blown through.  If it were my call, I wouldn’t name this material lace.  5¢/gram and 8¢/gram
  186. Golden Sheen Obsidian:  Mexico:  stunning vibrant gold against black.  10¢/gram
  187. Silver Sheen Obsidian-Oregon and Mexico:  good stuff.  5¢/gram
  188. Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper-California:  classic.  The price is non-negotiable.  30¢/gram
  189. Teepee Canyon Agate-South Dakota:  bright fortification patterns in red, white, yellow, and purple.  30¢/gram
  190. India Jasper:  pink, lavender, maroon, gray, and white in mossy, turbulent patterns and dark and light tones.  5¢/gram
  191. Rose Agate-La Junta, Colorado:  most slabs are orange patterning on gray background, very much like autumn leaves on a sidewalk.  5¢/gram
  192. Green and Red Jasper-Nevada:  slabs show a tree-like brecciated veining on brick red and pale green backgrounds.  5¢/gram
  193. Silex (black cat’s-eye quartz)-Brazil:  $8.00/oz.
  194. Glass Culet (stained glass):  $1.50/oz.      
  195. Yellow Jacket Jasper-Wyoming:   7¢/gram  Banded hematite and limonite.
  196. Ribbonstone-Anthony’s Lagoon, Australia:  paint pot patters, in warm grays and beiges.  Captivating solid jasper.  12¢/gram
  197. Rocky Butte Jasper-Landscape Jasper-Oregon:  15¢/gram
  198. Steatite (dendritic soapstone)-Oregon: very delicate dendrites on a creamy background.  5¢/gram
  199. Wonderstone-Nevada:  a rhyolite with white, maroon, and yellow bands.  5¢/gram
  200. Chrysocolla-Arizona:  exotic mix of minerals with chrysocolla being the main point of interest in most slabs.  Exciting stuff.   “A”  20¢/gram   “B”  10¢/gram
  201. Cuprite and Malachite-Arizona:  the cuprite provides a rich chocolate to show off the malachite, which is formed in rosettes and, in some slabs, swirls.  20¢/gram
  202. Rhodocrosite (Inca Rose)-Argentina:  Fine Quality! Beautiful pink and creamy banding.  Some slabs show a bubby pattern.   “A”  80¢/gram   “B”  8¢/gram
  203. Amazonite-Canada:  small pieces.  Lovely blue-green, not pale.  8¢/gram
  204. Thulite-Norway: -lipstick mottled with white   “A”  $1.00/gram -mossy mix of black and flesh tone   “B”  5¢/gram
  205. Fire Jade-Wyoming:  gold straw-chaff chatoyancy.  35¢/gram
  206. Hematite-Mexico:  chatoyant steel-gray and dusty red. 10¢/gram
  207. Ochoco Moss Agate-Oregon:  40¢
  208. Burnite-Nevada:  Old material.  Graded according to the amount of azurite and malachite.  The more intense the better, also the amount of native copper, and the slabs scenic qualities.  I’ve been 11 years in deciding to sell this stuff.  Take care in cutting.  It is softer and more brittle.  Deep blue with some malachite and blotches of native copper in a greenish neutral base.   “AAA”  $1.00/gram   "AA”  $3.00/in   “A”  75¢/in
  209. Petoskey Coral-Michigan and Texas:  petrified coral, beige.  Various prices.     Red Horn Coral-Utah:  petrified coral, red.  Various prices.
  210. Plasma:  green chalcedony.  5¢/gram
  211. Patricianite:  pink prehinite and green chlorite.  10¢/gram
  212. Thomsonite-Colorado:  not like Lake Superior Thomsonite.  White acicular material.  5¢/gram
  213. Gem Dinosaur Bone-Utah:  from 40¢ to 80¢/gram
  214. Cycad (fossil)-Wyoming:  8¢/gram
  215. Structural Eye Agate-Various locations and prices.
  216. Personal Collection Mexican Agate Slabs:  60¢/gram
  217. Pistachio Serpentine-Mexico: 16¢/gram
  218. Pink Moss Agate (RARE - Old Stock)-Cady Mountain, California: 18¢/gram
  219. Fairburn Agate:  various prices depending on quality.
  220. Personal Collection Miscellaneous Copper Gems, Including Malachite in Gem Silica and Chrysocolla:  various prices.
  221. Guzman Sagenitic Agate-Mexico:  fine needles caught in agate in gray, white, black, and brown.  Catch Brad Cross’ “The Agates of Northern Mexico” for information about sagenites.  8¢/gram
  222. Idaho Collection:  various types and prices.
  223. Vert Antique Marble:  slabs.  5¢/gram
  224. Maury Mountain Moss Agate-Oregon:  wispy orange flames on pale blue and grass green.  8¢/gram
  225. Montana Agate Sunbursts: 8¢/gram
  226. Malawi Agate:  purple and orange concentric stripes.  25¢/gram
  227. Thunderegg SlabsStart at 5¢/gram
  228. Maw-sit-sit:  25¢/gram
  229. California Agates:  8¢/gram
  230. Petrified Pine:  8¢/gram
  231. Sagenite Agate-Mexico:  8¢/gram
  232. Oregon Collection:  various prices
  233. Jade-California:  17¢/gram
  234. Petrified Wood-Various Locations:  various prices
  235. Crazy Lace Agate-Mexico:  red, yellow, orange and blue patterning- various prices
  236. India Agate (both white and dark skinned):  6¢/gram
  237. Rare Quartz Types:  various prices
  238. Wyoming Collection:  various prices
  239. Colorado Collection:  5¢/gram
  240. Australian Agate:  12¢/gram
  241. Mexican Agate:  8¢/gram
  242. Amethyst Sage Agate-Oregon:  15¢/gram
  243. Pietersite-Namibia:  25¢/gram
  244. Oolitic Agate:  5¢/gram
  245. Personal Collection of Sagenites and Plume Agates:  60¢/gram
  246. Metallic Oxides:  various prices per gram.
  247. Silica Onyx-California:  8¢/gram
  248. Obsidian:  various types and prices per gram.
  249. Gold Bearing Stones:  various prices per gram. 
  250. Spectrolite-Finland: $1.00/gram
  251. Vein Agate-Idaho:  12¢/gram
  252. Personal Collection:  various materials, various prices per gram.
  253. Jade (personal collection)-Various Locations:  various prices per gram - including Pink and Green Jade
  254. Horse Canyon Agate--Tehachapi, California: overflow 40¢/gram RARE
  255. Death Valley Plume Agate-California:  red and gold “clover leaf” plumes in clear agate.  16¢/gram
  256. Ochoco Wood-Oregon:  5¢/gram
  257. Malachite-Congo:  attractive light and dark green patterns. 15¢/gram
  258. Amazonite-Colorado and South Dakota:  5¢/gram and 6¢/gram
  259. Merlinite-Nevada:  white nodular material with odd dendrites and black blotches.  10¢/gram
  260. Strubelite (and copper minerals with high percentage of malachite):  Starts at 5¢/gram
  261. Fuselina:  buff-colored lacy speckles of fossil material.  5¢/gra
  262. Mexican Agate Nodule Halves:  fortification agate.  30¢/gram
  263. Pink and Olive Jade:  6¢/gram
  264. Holley Blue Agate-Oregon:   - Medium grade  $100.00/lb or $8.00/oz.   - High grade  $1.50/gram
  265. Chrysocolla Quartz-British Columbia:  7¢/gram
  266. Agate Pseudomorphs after Barite-Idaho:  “Froststone” would be a good name for this stuff.  It looks just like frost on a window.  4¢/gram
  267. Turritella-Wyoming:  fossilized shells in agate.  Starts at 30¢/gram
  268. Onyx-Jay, Wyoming:  5¢/gram
  269. Rhodonite:  12¢/gram and 7¢/gram
  270. Tourmalinated Quartz:  black needles in clear quartz.  50¢/gram
  271. Hickoryite-Mexico:  also known as Aztec Miracle Stone.  Pale and reddish-brown wood patterning.  10¢/gram
  272. Native Copper-Michigan: 15¢/gram
  273. Rhodochrosite-Argentina