I imagine some of you have been wondering why this website hasn't been updated for some time. This is something I regret--I know many of you enjoy looking at the things I post. I really do wish there were a simple explanation. One might be simple laziness--that would be easy to explain, though not to my credit. Then I might say I've been on a long vacation, but that would be simply untrue. Actually, I've been trying my hand at a bit of writing. I've found, of course, that this is not yet a viable means of supporting myself, and it's really important to have steady work.

But this is only the first part of my purpose in coming back. The second reason is something more strange. Something harder to explain. Sometimes, lately, I come on here and see words I didn't write. I might think it was some kind of attack, except that whoever this is seems to be a bit of a rockhound. And he doesn't seem to be after money, either.

I'm really just writing this as a last resort. If anyone knows who this is, please let me know.

Sure, I'll let you know.

Oh. It's you.

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The Genius of the Fog
by Roan Clay

     The boy called softly, to see if anything would call back. His voice did not penetrate the fog at all.
     The fog turned the familiar trees into strangers, dark-hooded and cloaked. It glowed yellow, as though backlit, but there was no light source. It lit the darkness by itself, like the inside of an electric bulb.
     He belonged to this place, this silence. All alone, Bill walked into the fog.

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