These are videos we have made as tutorials, or simply to give an idea of what we do.


This is a series I did while polishing a load of rocks myself. We used a large variety of precious stones, including petrified woods, agates, jaspers, and other species of chalcedony as well as quartz. We tried to include a lot of different bright colors. When you've watched all the videos, you should have enough information to be able to polish rocks of your own!

My dad wanted to show you a rare variety of chalcedony called Texas Plume Agate. It exhibits brightly colored plumes of yellow and orange, interspersed with just enough black to make the contrast attractive.

We appreciate the opportunity to introduce people to ever more new and exciting lapidary material!

One day, a friend let us borrow his truck and horse trailer and went along with us to pick up the balance of a deceased friend's rock collection. We love old collections, because they give us the opportunity to add some of the older, scarcer gemstone varieties to our stock!

In the final video, we open up some of the boxes and let the camera share the adventure of our first peek! If you have the urge to be an explorer, if you want to feel the rush of seeing treasures that have been hidden away for decades, then all you need to do is click the "play" button!

A while back, I decided to do a time-lapse film of myself doing an Impressionist painting of our backyard. The music is an original piece that I recorded myself.

I was and am a mere beginner in the field of painting, but I hope you will be able to enjoy seeing the process, or at the very least, sit back and listen to the music!

This is a tour of our rock shop that I recorded a long time ago. You who live far away may enjoy seeing our place of business for the first time, as well as the many rocks and gems that are not online, or you may be interested in how we have changed over the years!

Either way, we always welcome new visitors!